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We offer health solutions that empower your employees to take a leading role in their health and well-being.
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Complete medicine for business

We use the science from clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology to examine interconnected body systems and their relationship with psychological, social and ecological aspects of a persons life to unlock their potential at work.
Deep Learning 

We transform people with high need for cognition from reactive to proactive on well-being. We do this by using Deep Learning. Our workshops provide the team with an in depth background on tailored subjects in cognitive, emotional, social and physical health.

Solution Focused 

With our unique metamodel we identify the rootcause of chronic health issues and guide your employee to the solution using Solution Focused Brief Therapy in only one or two 1:1 sessions.

Modern Medicine
Our people-centered care is based on scientific evidence. Our in-depth health model give us an integrative overview of employees' health by connecting neurological, endocrinological, immune and metabolic systems from an evolutionary perspective.
Are you a manager or team lead?

This is wat we can bring to your team!

Woem is more than adding beautiful wallpaper on top of other layers of wallpaper. We track down and repair the source to prevent the wall from cracking. We get your teams ready to perform at their best at work and maintain a stable energy throughout the day.

With nutritional, emotional and lifestyle changes we let employees evolve from good to great at work - and at home - because we recognise that an unbalanced energy distribution drives chronic (mental) health issues that stop people from reaching their potential. 

Not only do we treat visible symptoms, we also carry out a thorough evaluation of the persons lifestyle and history. And on top of that we empower everyone to take a leading role in their health and well-being! 

Our Testimonials

Join these heroes

  • Woem designed a completely customized three-month program for our team and we are very pleased with the result. The content of the program exceeded all our expectations. This is not only because of the high degree of professionalism with which Angela handles it, but also because of the quality of the information that is provided. Which, despite being based on high-level scientific studies, is communicated in a language that is easy for everyone to understand. The program included 1 on 1 sessions with Angela, of which we have received very good feedback from the entire team. Thank you Anegla for the excellent pogram you designed for us!
    Laura Pinto
    Business development manager & well-being team EMEA+
  • Angela hosted two webinars for us recently. It was a pleasure to work with her, mainly because she was very open minded for our ideas and willing to collaborate with us. She prepared something tailored to our needs, which also helped. During the sessions she was well prepared and it showed in her speech. Thanks Angela for your support and work!
    Marina Zarth
    People Business Partner, Emakina
  • It was a wonderful experience. Woem encouraged our team to stay mindful of important topics such as relaxation at work, nutrition, hydration and exercise. The program gives easy to understand, scientific based information, in-depth knowledge and practical advice. We will benefit from it for a long time.
    José Gregorio
    Commercial Director WaterWipes
Why should wellbeing be part of your company?

The benefits of comprehensive wellbeing

Research shows that wellness programs contribute to create a win-win situation which has a positive impact on both employees and employers.
Reduce costs
Healthy employees can significantly reduce health care costs. Unhealthy lifestyle and stress increase the risk and incidence of chronic disease and burn-out.
Increase productivity
Improve focus across your team with our well-being program. Focus is a key ingredient for high-quality work and a healthy team leads to less sick leave and better organizational performance. 
Reduce stress and fatigue
At Woem we teach how to become more (stress) resilient. Stress can lead to decreased productivity, lower morale and even absenteeism.  
Improve relationships and trust
Establish a culture of connection on your team with team challenges and workshops. Choosing Woem is also about showing your team members that you care about their health and their working conditions, with a positive impact on their morale.
Where Woem can help

Our focus is on your people

Symptoms like anxiety, low mood, abdominal discomfort and brain fog can signal other issues in the body. At Woem, we’re experts in seeking out the origin of these symptoms. This approach gives employees a leading role in their wellbeing.

We treat a wide range of health issues or offer hands-on, preventative changes to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Boost energy
Digestive issues
Maternal support
Mental Health
Hormonal Health
Skin issues
Sleep quality
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Positive change

The smallest change can make the biggest difference. We offer tailor-made solutions to match your company’s situation and budget. 

From good to great

You can empower your employees to take a leading role in their health and well-being by offering Deep Learning workshops and Solution Focused 1:1 sessions. 

Do you want more than 'ticking the wellbeing box'?

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