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We offer holistic health solutions for your company that help your employees make healthier choices both at home and at work.

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Wellness and wellness program for companies

What is Woem

We're a corporate well-being platform

Our program includes team challenges, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions, to help you improve the wellness of your employees and help them perform better at work.

Building skills and competencies

Woem helps to create good habits with small, effective changes, which lead to better health and more energy.

The customized platform teaches to become self-reliant in the four lifestyle pillars:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • cognitive
  • social

Improving health and well-being

We understand there is no “one solution fits all”:

  • We look at your companies specific situation.
  • We offer different well-being solutions to adapt to your needs.
  • We improve well-being through evidence-based interventions in lifestyle and offer 1-on-1 coaching.

Improving performance

Research show that healthy and happy employees have more energy and are more productive. Everyone on your team can improve their performance by building resilience in mental, physical and social capacity. Not by short-term interventions, but by personalized and long-term solutions that create better habits and addresses the root-cause of the complaint of each individual of your team.

What we do

It's all about resilience and energy!

Health is the mental, physical and social capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, such as stress, bad nutrition, little sleep, incorrect exercise or other environmental factors. When our body can no longer adapt to the environment, symptoms arise.

The more resilient our body, the better we adapt to our changing and challenging environment!

  • We improve resilience for better health and well-being of teams and leaders.
  • We help our clients to support employees in making healthier choices both at home and at work.
  • We tailor solutions sufficiently to match each customer’s situation.

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4 reasons to choose Woem

Main benefits of our Wellness Program

Research shows that corporate wellness programs contribute to create a win-win situation which has a positive impact on both employees and employers.

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Reduce costs

  • Healthy employees can significantly reduce health care costs for you as an employer. Unhealthy lifestyle and stress increase the risk and incidence of chronic disease and burn-out.
    Our wellness program helps your employees to adopt new behaviours that improve their well-being.

Increase productivity

  • Our program aims to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and boost job satisfaction.

A healthy and happy team leads to less sick leave and better organizational performance. 

Reduce Stress and fatigue

  • At Woem we teach how to become more stress resilient. Stress can lead to decreased productivity, lower morale and even absenteeism. The well-being program contributes to reduce employee stress. 

Improve relationships and trust

  • By showing your employees how to become stress resilient and decrease fatigue and anxiety, Woem helps improve personal and professional relationships among your staff.

Choosing Woem is also about showing your team members that you care about their health and their working conditions, with a positive impact on their morale.

We adapt to your needs! You can ask for a single workshop for your team to get to know Woem better, or go for a 3 or 6 months comprehensive program right away. Click below to simply tell us what you need.

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Where Woem can help

Sustainable health solutions for the whole team

Symptoms like anxiety, low mood, abdominal discomfort and brain fog can signal other issues in the body. At Woem, we’re experts in helping people optimize their mind/body connection so they can become resilient and manage their health conditions.

During 1-on-1 sessions we take time to understand even the most mysterious symptoms by diagnosing their root cause and creating a personalized health plan designed to prioritize success.

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Through our program, team challenges, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions, we help you improve the wellness of your employees

Tell us your needs

We know how daily business can make it difficult to focus on health. We listen to you to understand the specific situation. 

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Create a culture of wellness

We offer tailor-made solutions to match your company’s situation and budget and make a real impact on improving employee well-being. If you are still unsure about what's best for your team, you can start with a single masterclass and get to know Woem better.
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Improve the full potential of your team

Improve employee health status and well-being, increase performance and remain competitive in the recruitment and retention of top talent. woem team heart

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