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Our toolset to help your staff feel and perform better

We have designed a varied, interactive and personalized program to best meet the needs of everyone in your team and help them be more healthy and productive.

Content tailored to your team's needs

Comprehensive Health & Wellness program

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In-depth text and video courses

  • Our program consists in short, clear text and videos focusing on the four pillars of well-being (physical, emotional, social and cognitive health). 
  • When relevant, courses can be supplemented with additional explanations and diagrams for a better understanding.

Learn at your own pace

  • The progression of our program takes place over several weeks, but it is up to each participant to decide at what pace they go according to their needs and availability.

Keep track of your progress

  • Each week of the program contains several lessons for participants to complete. 
  • The courses are presented in a simple and concise way. It makes it easy to follow the progress over the weeks and to reach individual objectives more effectively.

Woem’s health program is available online, and easily accessible on smartphones thanks to our Progressive Web App. Just add Woem to your phone’s home screen and you’re done !

Enhanced experience

Customized care and sustained motivation

Our program not only offers videos, but also workshops, quizzes and challenges to take on alone or with the rest of the team. Another way to reach long-term goals and measure progress over time.

Meet the challenges and measure efforts

Our program uses evidence-based knowledge from clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology and evolutionary medicine, and is based on four pillars: nutrition, exercise, relaxation and mindset. Along the path we offer various challenges, exercises and tips following those precepts.


Test knowledge and take quizzes

Participants can take quizzes and surveys. It allows them to test what they’ve learn and gain new insights about their health status. 

Get deeper with our online presentations

Give your team insight, knowledge and skills about lifestyle through group workshops or presentations. Woem offers knowledge, reasoning, insight and the necessary skills about topics that are trending within your company, so that anyone can make the right lifestyle choices.

Personalized health

1-on-1 sessions with a professional coach

Personalized health coaching helps to get to the root cause of potential complaints.

To fully understand your employees’ needs and to get to the root-cause of health complaints, our program offers live individual sessions with a professional health coach.

We know everyone is unique and with this personalized option you give the best to each individual. We offer a safe-space where we discuss a wide range of health issues like energy levels, migraine, digestive issues, hormonal health and every aspect of mental well-being. Everyone on this program can ask the coach questions directly and get a quick response. 

Sessions can easily be booked directly on our website (also available separately).

Getting to the root-cause of employees’ health complaints with our personalized sessions.

Four pillars of well-being

Woem helps with knowledge and skills so that your employees become self-reliant in the area of a healthy lifestyle and perform better at work. A win-win solution.

On our customized portal they learn pro-actively about the four pillars of well-being.





Start taking care of your staff well-being now

Everything starts with a first step. We help you make manageable changes and achieve great results.

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