Success and happiness
are consequences of wellbeing

I’m committed to addressing the root cause of your health issue, rather than using fixes that suppress symptoms, providing a sustainable solution that empowers you to take a leading role in your wellbeing.
Health coaching with compassion
From our first contact on I will make you feel heard, seen and understood. I listen carefully and my aim is to make you understand why you are feeling the way you do by using 'deep learning' explanations. The intervention you receive is tailored to your personal situation and your needs.
A multidisciplinary approach
I offer a truly holistic approach using science from clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. During our session I look at the 7 components that can affect your wellbeing. These are: physiological, emotional, cognitive, social, sexual, environmental and transgenerational aspects of your life.
Understanding your symptoms
Your health is a consequence of the past, not just the present. I treat the visible symptoms and I evaluate your lifestyle and past to look for their root cause. Because, where you are today is a sum of everything that has happened in your life.

Hi, I'm Angela La Rosa

As a clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, I work with business professionals who are looking to achieve more in their lives. Whether that's in terms of well-being, performance, or just feeling more relaxed and in control of your mental health, I can help you get there. My sessions are solution focused—which means we'll work together on solutions to the problems you're facing instead of talking about the problem itself all the time. This helps you feel empowered to take action and make changes in your life that will stick! So if you're ready for a change, let's book a session today!
Work and Organizational Psychology – University of Groningen
Clinical Psychoneuroimmunolgy – PNI Nederland / Pruimboom Institute
Orthomolecular Therapy – Natura Foundation
Nutritional Naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine London
Master in International Business – HULT International Business School London

What do we discuss during an online 90 minutes 1:1 consultation?

Step 1
To fully understand your well-being, I carry out a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle and history.  This involves the analysis of biomarkers as well as physiological parameters, diet, physical activity, psycho-emotional context, personal and medical history and social and ecological environment.
Step 2
Deep learning (insight)
By using drawings I explain how certain bodily functions work, why they have become disturbed and how they can be restored. This is an important aspect of the consultation, because if you understand 'how' and 'why' functions become disturbed, you also know how to restore them. It also makes it easier for you to change your lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to empower you to take a leading role in your wellbeing.
Step 3
Tools and models
By using tools from psycho-neuro-immunology we will be looking at all components of your health to find the root cause of your health problem. This means that besides physiological causes, I will also explore emotional, cognitive, social, sexual, ecological (environment) and transgenerational aspects of your life which may affect your wellbeing.
Step 4
Finally, you are leaving your consultation with realistic and practical interventions that are science-based to improve your health. A treatment focuses on resolving disrupted mechanisms through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, insight (deep learning) and mental reframing.

Picture the best version of yourself!

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Conditions we support

I analyse your whole body health. During a consultation I want to get to know you, in person or virtually, to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and what triggers them. Undiagnosed? Don't see your condition listed here? I can still help. Book a free 15 minut intake to find out how.
Allergy & food intolerance
Fertility, pregnancy & postpartum
Stress & burn-out
Diabetes type 2
Mental well-being
Thyroid health
Digestive issues
Skin problems
Unwell & undiagnosed
Improve work performance


Angela is member of MBOG - The professional and advocacy association in orthomolecular, PNI & integrative medicine.
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What others say

A few reactions from my clients.

"Angela is a very nice and knowledgeable person. I told her my burnout story and she hooked in with helpful questions and advice. The overall picture of health is looked at and that is a nice touch. For instance, besides the physical aspect she also looks at emotions and thoughts and how this in turn affects my social life. I also have been taking supplements for more than a month now, which have also helped me a lot. I highly recommend a consultation with Angela."
Commercial Director
"I came to Angela because I had been running with some physical issues due to stress for years. Because complaints were increasing with brain fogs and other cognitive decline, I finally wanted to do something about this. During the consultation with Angela, something clicked and I understood what was going on with me! Such an eye-opener, now that I get it - I can get better. I am incredibly happy with her help." 
"Angela has a tremendous amount of knowledge and she knows how to convey this in a convincing and loving way. She listens carefully to your story and gives appropriate advice. She managed to break my ingrained habits and boost my health. I feel much better! "

What is Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology?

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the connection between our brain, our immune system and hormones. The discipline is based on the understanding that unbalanced energy distribution drives chronic pathologies.

At the present time, there is no longer much question that the nervous and immune systems are tightly connected [1]. Psychoneuroimmunology is a well studied area and within the clinical discipline we translate the science into practice. 

 I use models from psychoneuroimmunology to examine the psychological, social and environmental context to paint a more complete picture of your health and to map out the origin of disease to be able to treat the root cause or diminish the negative aspects that are present in your life to optimise well-being.
[1] Tausk, F., Elenkov, I., & Moynihan, J. (2008). Psychoneuro-immunologie. Dermatologische Therapie, 21(1), 22-31.

Turn aspiration into real progress

A goal without a plan is not a goal, but a wish. Change starts with having your goals clear. What exactly do you want to achieve? And why? And what does that look like? 

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