Hi, I'm Angela La Rosa

I’m the founder of Woem and I’ll guide your team along the way to a healthier life at work and at home. Woem is not about 'ticking the well-being box'. Our ultimate goal is to help you to support that what matters most to your company: the people. 

In my experience as a therapist I have worked with patients with burn-out, anxiety, fear and other chronic issues. Mostly arising from life events or unhealthy habits that don't support body and mind in fast moving environments. Using evidence-based knowledge and deep learnings from Psychoneuroimmunology and Organizational Psychology, I give insights on how complaints arise and how to change behaviour. 

I have seen that tools like 'Solution Focused Brief Therapy' work magic for people with high need of cognition and I have seen them become happy, not as a goal but as a consequence.  

With my background in Organizational Psychology I decided to bring this complete medicine to companies to prevent, resolve and improve. I enjoy working 1:1 with people and support teams in small groups with high engagement. With a little bit of fun while committing to new healthy routines, I'm committed to lift the team from good to great.
Clinical Expertise
Mental health (stress, burn-out, mental resilience, depression), hormonal health, auto-immune disease, Intermittent Living, nutrition.
Work and Organizational Psychology – University of Groningen
Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunolgie – PNI Europe
Orthomoleculair Therapy – Natura Foundation
Nutritional naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine London
MS International Business – HULT International Business School London

A multidisciplinary approach

Our people-centered approach give business professionals a leading role in their well-being and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology

Clinical psychoneuroimmunology is a new translational medical discipline that studies the connection between our brain, our immune system and hormones. It examines the person's broader psychological, social and ecological context to paint a more complete picture of their health and  to map out the origin of disease.

We recognise health as a consequence of the past, not just the present. Not only do we treat visible symptoms, we also carry out a thorough evaluation of the person's lifestyle and history. This involves the analysis of biomarkers as well as physiological parameters, diet, physical activity, psycho-emotional context, personal and medical history and social, economic and ecological environment. 

The discipline is based on the understanding that unbalanced energy distribution drives chronic pathologies. We use models from cPNI to map out the origin of disease and treat the root cause or handle the negative consequences that are present to optimise emotional, cognitive, social and physical health.

Evolutionary Medicine

Have you ever wondered why health issues may arrise? This is exactly the question that evolutionary medicine asks: why do we have complaints?

While we are looking for happiness and health, these are not the primary evolutionary goals of homo sapiens. The driving force of evolution is two things: survival and reproductive success.

Because we are evolutionarily programmed, traits that ensure survival or reproductive success have greater vulnerability resulting in chronic complaints.

A health issue can be an evolutionary scar. Something that used to be advantageous but is no longer needed and is therefore disadvantageous.

Evolutionary medicine allows us to understand why our body shows a symptom. When you understand this, you also know what you can do to solve it.

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