Angela Boeree

Who's behind Woem

Hi, I'm Angela Boeree

I’m Woem founder and I’ll guide your team along the way to a healthier life at work and at home.

Your people is your most valuable asset. That is why well-being should be top priority for every company.

Thanks to our health and wellness corporate program we make long-term improvement for people’s health in the office and at home by addressing multiple dimensions of health, including physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being.

We use holistic and evidence-based health solutions and make this accessible to companies.

Our ultimate goal is to help HR diminish absenteeism  improve retention of top talent, increase motivation and performance at work. 

A well-being program is also a great tool for team engagement and helps improve the work environment.

Clinical expertise:

Mental health (stress, burn-out, mental resilience, depression), hormonal health (PCOS, endometriosis), Intermittent Living, nutrition.


  • Work and Organizational Psychology – University of Groningen
  • Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunolgie – PNI Europe
  • Orthomoleculair Therapy – Natura Foundation 
  • Nutritional naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine London
  • MS International Business – HULT International Business School London

The tools we use

Evidence-based health program

Woem helps with knowledge and skills to become self-reliant in the area of a healthy lifestyle and make better choices at home and at work. We help employees learn proactively about the four lifestyle pillars.


Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI) studies the connection between our brain, our immune system and hormones. It studies how the body functions as a whole and how it is possible that we become ill or do not recover.

According to cPNI, health is the mental, physical and social capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, such as stress, diet, little sleep, improper exercise or other environmental factors. If your body can no longer manage to adapt to the environment, symptoms arise.

The cPNI is a perfect way of finding out the root cause, how the body functions as a whole in health and disease and how to optimise mental and physical health.

Evolutionary Medicine​

Have you ever wondered why health issues may arrise? This is exactly the question that evolutionary medicine asks: why do we have complaints?

While we are looking for happiness and health, these are not the primary evolutionary goals of homo sapiens. The driving force of evolution is two things: survival and reproductive success.

Because we are evolutionarily programmed, traits that ensure survival or reproductive success have greater vulnerability resulting in chronic complaints.

A health issue can be an evolutionary scar. Something that used to be advantageous but is no longer needed and is therefore disadvantageous.

Evolutionary medicine allows us to understand why our body shows a symptom. When you understand this, you also know what you can do to solve it.





Self-efficacy is about having the strong, positive belief that you have the capacity and the skills to achieve your goals.

Dr. Albert Bandura, Stanford

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